Make your child a SUPER STARGAZER in just 5 days!

Super Stargazer, is a remote learning program to introduce the hobby of stargazing to your kids through video lessons, assignments & a unique interactive platform.

Designed for Kids from age 8 onwards who has a special interest in astronomy, space science & technology

Witness your child's journey from a spectator to a Super Stargazer in just 5 days

Program Details

Date: 1st Mar - 5th Mar

Venue: Remote Learning through Video Lessons

Live Classes: Wednesday 7.00 PM & Friday 5.00 PM

How your children will become a Super Stargazer

Step One - Enrollment

Enroll in this webpage and pay up for the program. Once payment is confirmed, you will have access to daily lessons and be added to a private Whatsapp group. Lessons will be available from the day the program starts.

Step Two - Lessons & Daily Assignments

After watching the lessons, there will be an assignment your child will have to complete every day under the night sky and submit in the WhatsApp group for Review. The assignments are the most important part of the course!

Step Three - Interactions

Everyday interaction will happen in the WhatsApp group through assignment review, doubt clearing, special messages, etc. There will also be 2 fun-filled LIVE sessions on Friday at 7.00 PM and Sunday at 5.00 PM 

Founder of SteadFast Learning Pedagogy will inspire your child's interest in STEM Education

Learning Coach Vinod Kumar has more than 13 years of experience as a STEM Educator and had been Chief Coach to Team India for 6 consecutive years for the World Robot Olympiad. He is a NASA certified Coach and works extensively on creating learning experiences in classrooms. He founded the SteadFast Learning Pedagogy to make your children creators of knowledge rather than consumers of knowledge.


Welcome to Super Stargazer
  • Introduction to Super Stargazer
Day 1 - Amateur Stargazer
  • Introduction to Stargazing
  • What are Stars
  • Day 1 - Assignment | Make your own star chart
Day 2 - Ancient Stargazer
  • What can we learn from the Stars?
  • Stories from the Skies
  • Day 2 - Assignment - Make your own Constellation Stories
  • Free Takeaway - The Constellations Guidebook
Day 3 - Naked Eye Stargazing
  • How to install Stellarium
  • Basics of Stellarium
  • Learning Directions
  • How to Stargaze using Stellarium
Day 4 - Tech Stargazer
  • Mobile App - SkyView FREE
  • Mobile App - StarChart FREE
  • Spot the ISS - Webapp Overview
Day 5 - Super Stargazer
  • How to play Kahoot with Learning Coach
  • Finale - Live Event with Learning Coach Vinod Kumar

Special Bonuses for your Child

Bonus 1 - Constellations Guide Book

(Worth Rs. 199)

Bonus 2 - Stargazer Workbook

(Worth Rs. 99)

Bonus 3 - Certificate of Completion


Testimonials from previous participants

We attended the 5-day Stargazer program and were really thrilled during the whole course. As day sessions progress, we eagerly await what we will be able to learn the next day. Amazing experience.

by Prashanth B S

It was an awesome experience for not only my daughter but for my entire family... she learned so many things here which I could have never imagined teaching her at this age... I highly recommend this program to all kids with a high level of curiosity at this age... I give 10 stars for the program and the entire team.

by Nishtha Kamakshi

Enrolled my kid in the stargazing program and I also got hooked up in the program. Informative, well structured, and fascinating. Learned about many apps and websites to stargaze. Now every day we can locate a planet or star in the sky. Thank you so much SSLC!

by Maumitha Kundu

Both the Stargazer course as well as the Space simulation session was just fantabulous and my daughter has picked up the interest in space science big time after your sessions. Thank you so much team SSLC!

by Anand Bharadwaj